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Administration Director and co-founder of MAS, bi-lingual and bicultural in English and Spanish, Mikey is an Administrator, Author and Actor with a BA in Spanish Literature from Saint Louis University Madrid in 2014. He also has completed the CELTA Teaching Course at International House Madrid in 2019.

During his studies, Mikey achieved the Rosetta Prize Creative Writing Award with a first mention for individual poetry in 2016, and won the Loyola Award First prize for English Writing in 2014. His ability to express emotions through words led to a first book publication: Veinte Días a la Media Noche (Huerga y Fierro) in 2016.

Mikey has gained valuable experience as an English Language Teacher at Lenguas Abroad in Madrid Spain; as an English Language Teacher for People with Disabilities at Asociación Argadini in Madrid, Spain; and as a Museum Tour-Guide at Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativos in Madrid, Spain.

His experiences extend into Voice Dubbing and Web Advertisement at Chiruca and G&J Editorial in Madrid, Spain; and Translation Work in English, Spanish, French and German for Private Companies in Madrid, Spain. Mikey has also performed in and directed theatre productions for groups including the Madrid Players.

Mikey has a dream to make people happy and is highly passionate about raising social awareness through teaching, entertaining, acting, theatre, writing, singing, art, design, and architecture. Through community engagement and working with different social groups we can achieve happy inclusive environments for all.


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